Colortech earns 2020 EcoVadis Bronze Rating


As a steward of the environment, Colortech has undertaken and continues to look at opportunities to reduce our environmental impact, including:

  • Investing in capital projects to reduce electrical energy consumption (LED light conversion, motion sensors, installation of high efficiency motors, chillers, air compressors)
  • Reducing corrugated usage by supplying dense (high-bulk density) products in new packaging
  • Increasing the level of recycling of waste streams following the Plastics Industry Associations guidelines for the Zero Net Waste Program
  • Supporting Operation Clean Sweep


Colortech supplies additive concentrates for improved physical properties of recycled polymers. These additives allow for increased levels of recycled materials (including PCR) in finished products and/or increased numbers of processing of recycled materials without affecting their physical properties.

Renewable Polymers

Colortech has partnered with customers to develop concentrates for renewable polymers in a variety of applications.


Colortech supplies additive concentrates for compostable end products. These additives meet the strict ASTM code required for the end product to degrade within the established time frame without harm to the environment.